Lord and Lady Lurgan Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am an individual, can I apply?
A: No, applications are only considered from registered charities.

Q: My organisation is a company limited by guarantee. Am I eligible for a grant?
A: The Charity can only award grants to registered charities.

Q: Will the Trust fund core costs?
A: It is unlikely that the Charity will be able to help with core costs. We prefer to fund specific projects which must be budgeted.

Q: In what form should I submit my application?
A: Please complete the application form, downloadable from this website and return it to: charitymanager@pglaw.co.uk

Q: What else do I need to submit?
A: In addition to the completed application form you will need to attach:

  • a copy of your latest signed and audited accounts
  • your budget for the financial year in which the project falls, separating income which relates to the project you want a grant for
  • your budget for the project, and
  • details about other funding received or pending for the project.

Q: Can I post my application form?
A: We prefer applications to be sent by email unless this is impossible.

Q: I represent a charity from South Africa or Northern Ireland - do we have to fall into the normal categories for grants from the Trust?
A: Not necessarily, grants in these two geographical areas are issued on a basis of need, although the general criteria may be reflected.

Q: What is the value of your grants?
A: Grants are generally made as single payments of between 1,000 and 5,000.

Q: Can an organisation have more than one grant at a time?
A: Only one grant is allowed at any one time.

Q: We will have to close next month if we cannot get any more money. Can you help?
A: Unfortunately the Charity is unable to respond to emergency appeals.

Q: How long do you give grants for?
A: Grants are generally awarded for one year.

Q: If my application has been turned down when should I apply again?
A: You will be advised if your application has not met the criteria. If it has, but is not within the current funding priorities, you may apply again in 12 to 18 months.